The Shopify Toolbox: 10 Apps to Successfully Scale Your Online Store

Because there are no physical limits for an online store to grow, an ecommerce company can go from a few hundred to millions in monthly sales in a short period of time.  

The challenge, when scaling that quickly, is how to deal with thousands of new customers while still remaining customer-centric and effective.

Lucky for us, there are apps that perform fundamental marketing activities automatically and at scale. They can help your company serve thousands of customers, individually, without having to multiply your staff in order to do it.

Here’s a list of 10 apps that will help you scale each part of your online marketing strategy. They work from the moment customers arrive at your online store to checkout, and beyond.   

1. Page Load Time: PluginSEO


In a recent study, we found that the best-performing online stores regularly work on optimizing the first contact with their customers: their landing pages. We also found that conversions fall by 12% for every extra second it takes for a landing page to load. PluginSEO is a great tool to help you easily manage and decrease Page Load Time across your entire online store to help prevent visitors from bouncing due to a slow website response time.



2. Conversions: Beeketing Sales Pop


Trust is a big issue for first-time buyers, and social validation is a great way to assure that a store is trusted by others. Beeketing Sales Pop helps stores increase conversion rates by showing, automatically and in real time, that other customers just made a purchase in that same store.



3. Customer service: Message Mate


Customer service can be time-consuming and expensive to manage. Message Mate makes it easy to respond to customers via text messages. It’s good for customers, since texting is an intuitive communication channel. For you, it’s an easy way to respond to customers from anywhere, eliminating the need to invest in call center operations.




4. Recommendations: LimeSpot Personalizer

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With so many choices and a lots of distraction online, it is super important to gain traction and trust by putting the right products in front of each shopper. LimeSpot Personalizer uses advanced algorithms combined with behavioral and trend analysis to understand the shopper characteristics and context. Personalizer converts more Shoppers to Buyers by intelligently recommending the right products to each shopper.




5. Sales: Yotpo

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Crowdsource your salesforce with Yotpo. The app automatically collects, organizes and displays user ratings and reviews, allowing you to grow sales without having to hire a sales team by having your past customers help you close sales through reviews and ratings.



6. Profitability: Recurring Orders

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 2.20.41 PM.png

To be profitable, businesses need to increase the lifetime value (LTV or CLV) of each customer. They do that by making sure that customers spend as much as possible in their stores. A scalable way of doing this is to offer product subscriptions via the Recurring Orders app. Customers that buy subscriptions generate 1.7 times higher profits than regular customers.

7. Loyalty: Swell Rewards

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Having loyal customers guarantees future revenues. Swell Rewards gives customers loyalty points for shopping at and promoting your store. It will be hard for your clients to shop elsewhere if they know that they’ll be rewarded in your store in future purchases.



8. Upselling: Zipify OneClickUpsell


Your Average Order Value (AOV) will increase automatically if you offer products similar to the ones your clients just ordered. Upselling, as this tactic is called, can be easily automated with Zipify’s post-purchase upselling app.



9. Recovering lost customers: Recart

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One in every five customers leaves without making a purchase after adding products to their shopping cart. Instead of manually sending reminders, use Recart to send lost customers automated Emails, SMS, or push notifications to bring them back to your store so they can complete the checkout.






10. Data analysis: Compass


Our own reporting app, Compass, sends out regular reports via email, benchmarks your store against the competition, and gives you data-based recommendations on how to improve your business. It’s like having an entire team of data analysts in the cloud.



It’s never been easier to scale a profitable online store. The trick is to know how to use technology to help automate marketing activities. The apps above have proven to generate great ROI for their customers and are easy-to-use tools that can help you grow your ecommerce business today.