How to Capitalize on Black Friday Week According to Data

At Compass we analyzed our dataset of over $16bi in transactions across thousands of ecommerce stores to verify how online stores perform during Black Friday / Cyber Monday week.

It turns out that the best Black Friday performers made, in 2015, more than 19% of their annual revenue around Black Friday.

They earned in those days more than 10 times what they make in a typical week, with an average increase in conversion rates of 286%.

Black Friday

So what set these stores apart when it came to taking advantage of Black Friday / Cyber Monday to increase sales?

When we look at the data, we see two distinctive factors:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Google Adwords

1. Email Marketing

Top ecommerce shops work on building up their email lists throughout the year. As a result, in periods where people are more inclined to buy they can access their lists by sending them emails with enticing promotions.

Because shoppers around the world eagerly anticipate Black Friday offers, top performers get an average of 10 times the amount of traffic from Black Friday emails than they receive on a typical week. Average performers get a 4X increase on average.

Avg #ecommerce stores get 411% more traffic from Emails on Black Friday. Top performers get 10X. Click To Tweet

Black Friday Sales Data

2. Google Adwords

The ROI for investing in Paid Search during the week of Cyber Monday and Black Friday is incredibly high. Top performers see an average of 419% increase in traffic from Google Ads during Black Friday week, even though they only raise their budgets by 22%.

Top performing #ecommerce shops see an average of 419% increase in traffic from Google Ads on Black Friday. Click To Tweet

Google trends shows regular (and increasing) spikes for the terms “black friday deals” around the last week of November every year:

Black Friday Google Trends

These spikes in searches show that using Google Adwords to sell during this time of the year is generally a very good idea. If people are searching for your products on Google, make sure you’re there to attract them to your store by using Black Friday related search terms. Because shoppers are so eager for promotions during this period, Black Friday related ads perform much better than typical ads.


Our data shows that leveraging email lists with promotions can help you sell more during Cyber Monday / Black Friday week. Remember that shoppers are actively looking for deals during this period, so make sure that you’re also investing in Google Adwords to capture keywords such as “black friday” and “promotions” together with those relevant to your products.

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