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By Johannes Drixler and Danny Holtschke

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The 2015 Startup Ecosystem Project: Boosting your Startup Hub… And Your Startup!

The state of your local startup community matters. When we started our data-driven dive into the blackbox of startup success, we knew that this was not just a question of the founding team’s skills or knowledge. If everything was depending on them why were all of the world’s greatest startups coming out of a few handful of hubs – foremost Silicon Valley, New York, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles?

We were well aware of what every decent founder already knows:

If you are striving to build a tech company with global impact, there are only a few places to be. These hotspots offer opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else.

But how did these hotspots become so exceptionally great? And how can more of the upcoming startup communities be turned into buzzing tech hives? We decided to gather data and crack the code of innovation behind these startup hubs to bring it to the rest of the world.

That was the birth of the  Startup Ecosystem Report Project!

By regularly ranking the hottest global startup hubs and benchmarking their strengths and weaknesses, we help local stakeholders in each ecosystem to work on pressing issues and get key factors right that have made a few hubs so successful.

At the moment, we are collecting data for our newest publication – the 2015 Startup Ecosystem Report! If you are a founder or startup member, participate now in a 15 min survey!

However, we know that your time is tight and precious. Therefore, you deserve a different kind of reward than our report will bring. The benefits of building your ecosystem won’t be available until the next generation of startup arises while being a founder is so much about getting things done now, acquiring that next user, and shipping that new product version.

That’s why we created the Startup Accelerator Package to support your startup’s daily operations!

For all entrepreneurs who complete our survey, we provide free or discounted access to some of the greatest tools for startups: Zendesk,, Foundersuite,, Olark, Wix, Pipedrive and Clara! Moreover, you also get 50% discount to the Ultimate Startup Sales Guides: Inbound and Outbound.

We think it’s awesome that other startups put in their word and help us. We’d like to see you following them and share your opinion on your ecosystem here and unlock the startup accelerator package.

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