Compass Raises Fresh Funding and Launches Compass Monitor!

We have two exciting news to share!

1. We raised more than 2 Million in a second round of funding from first institutional Investors including NEA, Profounders and Crosslink and strategic investors including Tom Glocer (ex-CEO of Thomson Reuters), Banca Intesa and Oliver Rothschild joining existing
Compass investors, including Steve Blank, Allen Morgan, Roger Krakoff, Rhodium, Erik Jansen and Amir Banifatemi (see full list here: to fund our mission of minimizing business failure by
providing automated, crowdsourced benchmarks and industry insights. This totals our investment to date to ~3 Million US Dollars.

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2. We just launched Compass Monitor that allows companies to securely share selected data with investors, advisors or consultants. Compass Monitor pulls data directly from various data repositories (Google Analytics, Stripe, Quickbooks, etc.) to automate the continuous delivery of selected data. It saves hours of collecting sharing and reviewing data every week for the investor and entrepreneur.

One of our first beta tester Marcin Szelag from Innovation Nest said: “Compass Monitor solves a major problem for investors. On top of that it is easy to use and looks good.”

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Are you an engineer or data scientists?

The capital raise will fund the next phase of development to build an automated data refinery attacking complex
engineering and data analysis challenges that have never before been solved in concert.
Thus, Compass is immediately hiring hiring data scientists, engineers and business
analysts. Check

Why should you join?

With a growing wealth of business data easily accessible, we have an unprecedented opportunity to learn about the nature of businesses and their
ecosystems at scale. By bringing these new insight and transparency into the global
business ecosystem we can fundamentally transform the way businesses are run and
interact with each other. The key to
success for a business lies in flexible resource allocation to focus on what matter most.
The problem; its impossible to reliably interpret business metrics and market signals
without reference points and industry insights. Thats what we are providing with Compass at scale – by crowdsourcing business performance data with a simple give-to-get model for businesses; and automating the analysis of the data to avoid expensive analysts.